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Optimized for maximum performance, durability and wear protection, reducing emissions and fuel. Subaru forester manuals 2015 forester owners manual. As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, subaru of america, inc. Have followed all maintenance procedures per the manual. Subaru will replace the piston rings on some 20112014 outback, forester, and xv crosstrek crossovers, and impreza and legacy sedans, due to a problem with excessive oil consumption. The first i heard about the oil consumption problem was by accidently finding this thread. Some oil consumption should be expected as a byproduct of engine. Please contact your nearest subaru dealer for more information or to arrange an appointment for a controlled engine oil consumption test. The 2014 subaru forester has 25 problems reported for high oil consumption. Disgruntled subaru forester, outback, legacy, impreza and crosstek owners whose cars burned more oil than usual can rest a little easier today.

Ive never had to add oil between oil changes until now. Today i drove the mazda cx5 and on monday i will try out the crv. After decades of reminding owners to change engine oil every. For all other concerns you may contact us at 18008944212. But i heard the oil consumption problem is pretty much rampant across most of subaru s models whether it be impreza, forester, outback or crosstrek. A salesman told it is pretty much restricted to cars with manual transmissions. Vehicles may exhibit excessive oil consumption due to faulty engine short block. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Did a little research and this problem seems to be very common and is something a lot of subaru owners are complaining about 1. So far the forester seems to be the best fit but i am worried by the horror stories about oil consumption. This revised service bulletin aims to address excessive oil consumption in some. I mentioned this when i brought it in for the first oil change.

It is easy to drive and has added safety features like warning when you are too close to someone or leaving your lane. This is stated in plain words throughout the owners manual and in the service manuals. The oil consumption test standard is of a quart in 1,200 miles, not one quart. Dme from warwick, ny, is typical of a large group of subaru owners who find out their cars are burning oil, but the rate of consumption has not yet gone to critical levels. Subaru considers a quart burned every 1,000 to 1,200 miles to be acceptable. Refer to the owners manual supplement for the eyesight system. Subaru has agreed to settle in the oil consumption lawsuit filed against them in 2014. Peoccas proposed engine oil consumption class action settlement recently you may have seen various online and other. My wife and i bought a brand new subaru forester, our second one. After decades of reminding owners to change engine oil every 3,000 miles, engine and oil technologies now allow for up to six month or 6,000mile maintenance intervals. Is initiating a program to extend the original new car powertrain limited warranty coverage for excessive engine oil consumption on applicable vehicle. Subaru forester xt turbo removal oil consumption and. The oil consumption is a result of the engine design, being horizontally opposed, and its not limited to subaru. The 201220 did have oil consumption issues and subaru has finally admitted to this, after much litigations let me state.

Audi, bmw, and subaru stick firmly to the statement that oil consumption is a normal part of a cars operation. I am asking because i am looking at buying a new impreza and i dont want an oil burner. Subaru is committed to the safety and protection of our drivers and the ones they love. Epa mpg owner mpg estimates 2015 subaru forester awd 4 cyl, 2. Now they are apparently dealing with it on a much larger scale for models from 2011 to 2015. Oil accumulates in the rings when its sitting and youll sometimes see a puff of smoke from the tailpipe on startup. The subaru oil consumption class action lawsuit was called yaegar v. See 2015 subaru forester technical service bulletins tsbs at truedelta, organized by model year and problem area.

Subaru forester questions has anybody had problems with. I own a 2015 subaru forester and it consumes about a quart every 2400 miles. Is the oil consumption problem just on manual models or all models of the forrester. Subaru issued tsb 0215714r, titled surface treatment change to oil control piston rings, in which they indicate a course of action for correcting the oil consumption issue in the following models. Committed to cuttingedge lubricant technology, amalie oil offers you highquality oil, fluids, and lubricants to ensure the proper operation of. What will forester, outback and crosstrek owners get in return. According to the dealer, each oil consumption test i have had, falls within normal levels for 1,200. Subaru forester questions oil consumption cargurus. You can subscribe to my channel for new content on my itb turbo miata, fc3s rx7 drift car, forester xt daily driver, and maybe even some more. Subaru forester questions forrester oil consumption cargurus. Estimates of gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, safety ratings, and air pollution ratings for new and used cars and trucks. Why subarus excessive oil consumption issue could spoil their party.

Hello all, i have recently taken my 20 subaru forester for said oil consumption test and they overfilled the car with oil about a of an inch over the mark that they made on the dipstick what is the next course of action aside from taking it up to the manger at the dealer as anyone contacted subaru of america. This comprehensive manual offers important, detailed, vehiclespecific information regarding the operation and maintenance of your 2015 subaru forester. Mar 19, 2015 2015 subaru forester xt and 2015 2016 subaru wrx recalled for air intake fix. Which brand of oil using in 2015 forester 1990 to present. Hi, i have a 2005 subaru forester xt turbo with a standard transmission and 104,000 miles. Subaru owners win compensation and warranty boost for oil. Page 2 foreword congratulations on choosing a subaru vehicle. Developed for highcapacity engines, including turbos.

The 2015 subaru forester has 21 problems reported for excessive oil consumption. Subaru has issued a tsb regarding excessive oil consumption so they are well aware of it. Heres what you need to know about the excessive oil consumption. We had a 1999 subaru legacy and a 2004 subaru wrx manual transmission and never had this kind of oil consumption even after 100,000 miles. Dont let them blame the transmission it is the engine.

Oil consumption tests, short block, piston rings, blah blah, fix the damn. I was wondering if oil consumption is still an issue in 2015 because i am very interested in the 2015 forester. What carmakers are doing about excessive oil consumption the thirsty 30. I have to admit i was pretty shocked when i learned that they recommend a 0w20 oil.

A classaction lawsuit has been filed because of the oil consumption by their 2. Jul 23, 2015 which brand of oil using in 2015 forester. They made a change to the finish on the oil rings to rectify it. Can anyone who posted on the oil consumtion issue with the 2015 forester comment if the 2015 foresters in question have manual transmissions.

The truth about engine oil consumption in a modern car auto expert john cadogan. Oil consumption is most noticeable at highway speeds on long trips. Unfortunately, from that time i have added a quart of oil for every 2000 miles. Feb 19, 2017 today we do the 2nd oil change on the forester xt and talk about its 10k miles of ownership. Our 2015 forester has a manual transmission but i cant understand why that would cause excessive oil consumption. Blog post used subarus buy this one, not that one car talk. My smartphone device will not forward poi point of interest addresses within the aha application environment to my subaru navigation system.

Subaru settles in oil consumption lawsuit torque news. I purchased a forester 2015 automatic at the end of 2014. I received a packet of info this week from subaru regarding a class action settlement on various subaru models with oil consumption problems. The subaru party line is that if you use the transmission to assist in braking you will burn oil. As part of that commitment, weve made it easy to learn more about the takata airbag inflator recall the largest recall in automotive history, currently affecting vehicles across the industry and how your subaru may be impacted. An improved oil cooler reduces engine running temperatures and helps the engine meet strict euro vi emissions. Why subaru s excessive oil consumption issue could spoil their party the subaru brand and new 2015 forester suv is flying high with record sales. They will change the oil paid by subaru and ask you to come back after about miles or when the oil level light comes up. Page 1 2015 forester owners manual page 2 foreword congratulations on choosing a subaru vehicle. One person told me it has to do with the way the engine is designed. This warranty extension will not cover any excessive engine oil consumption found to be a result of any conditions. Subaru is aware of the issue and has come up with a remedy.

Mostly old news, 2014 and older models were the worst for oil consumption. Depending upon the model or year of production, your owners manual, or warrantymaintenance and roadside assistance booklet may list 1 litre2,000 kms to 1 litre5,000kms as rates of normal oil consumption. Ive seen where over the last model year or two that the 2. Subaru faces a nationwide oil burning defect class action.

It gets good gas mileage especially on long drives. So both are full now, and i will continue to monitor. The subaru brand and new 2015 forester suv is flying high with record sales. Subaru canada does not feel that these rates are representative of the improvements in quality and engineering of our vehicles and we. The dealer has been quite cooperative, and performed several consumption tests, eventually replacing the small block. I am considering purchasing a lightly used 8000 miles 2018 forrester. On car a rac you will find the specific engine fuel economy of vehicles. I had a forester 2015 that went dipstick dry every 3k almost on the dot, subaru performed the oil consumption test and i passed but i told them id see them in another 1200 miles when it went empty, that car fell under the oil consumption class action lawsuit that was issued for 2011 2015 s. The dealer will follow the procedure prescribed by subaru. I bought a new 2018 forester manual transmission in april and after about every 2,5002,700 miles the low oil light came on, and id end up adding about a quart of oil. Just purchased a certified 2015 subaru forester with 51,487 miles.

Blog post used subarus buy this one, not that one car. Subaru designed todays engines to operate longer between oil changes. Im currently at about 22,500 miles and have had three oil changes on the recommended 6k interval. This owner s manual has all the information necessary to keep your subaru in excellent condition and to properly maintain the emission control system for minimizing emission pollutants. Subaru forester questions forrester oil consumption. Even then the manual transmission vehicles were the worst oil users. Ive consistently had to add a quart every 1,800 2000 miles.

Subaru treated me great with a new short block late last year see my other post. I am wondering if my warranty will be extended to 8 years. Subaru forester questions 2015 forester oil consumption. If you havent taken your 2015 forester in to a local dealer to fix this, you should do so as soon as possible. District court for the district of new jersey before chief judge jerome b. On some of these vehicles, subaru has found unanticipated wear of the oil control piston rings. My 2015 subaru forester manual transmission has had oil consumption problems since i bought it brand new in september 2014. Why subarus excessive oil consumption issue could spoil. Engine burning oil problems of the 2015 subaru forester. It is a manual transmission, and they seem to be prone to the engine problem. They now overfill the oil instead of giving me 6 quarts as the subaru owners manual recommends they give me 6. Figured it was due to it being new and breaking in the engine. How much do they consume and why, and what oil do i use to top it up.

Surely such a modern engine should not consume much oil. If you havent taken your 2015 forester in to a local dealer. I recently purchased a subaru forester and while i am very pleased with it, i am disappointed with what i hear and read about this models oil consumption. My 2015 forester burns oil, and has since we bought it. Im considering buying a forester, but am feeling very turned off by the ongoing problem with excessive oil consumption and what appears to be subaru s refusal to fix it or even acknowledge that it is a problem. If your nearest subaru dealer cannot resolve your oil consumption related concern, please contact us at 18553272455.

Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2015 subaru forester based on all problems reported for the 2015 forester. My 2019 foresters are only at 1,000 miles, but zero oil loss. So most of us by now are aware of the recent class action suit and settlement i scheduled an appointment with my local dealer to have an oil consumption test. Excessive oil consumption isnt normal, consumer reports says.

They have very small oil passages, especially on the cam advance systems along with very tight tolerences. My 2015 subaru forester with a manual transmission was using 1 qt of oil every 1200 miles. Big disappointment with this company, every time i bring my car 2015 legacy in and tell them. But automakers often shield themselves in the fine print of their owners manuals. Excessive oil consumption isnt normal consumer reports. This article also appeared in the august 2015 issue. Subaru forester questions is the oil consumption problem. Forester cruise control if equipped for models with the eyesight system.

Dme wrote to, i bought a brand new 2015 subaru forester 2. Subaru owners complain of engine failure, high oil consumption. But a few people that just bought their 2015 foresters are complaining still about excessive oil consumption so problem may not be solved yet. If you are having troubles, you need to go to the dealer and request an oil consumption test. One used zero oil in 6,000 miles and the other one used 12 quart in 6,000 miles.

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