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His research drove him to write his debut novel, looking into the sun, to raise awareness and garner support for syrian children. In this book, the middle east scholar ajami provides crucial historical context for the uprisings in 2011, which precipitated the present war in syria. The syrian conflict began five years ago on march 15, 2011, after popular uprisings that toppled dictators in tunisia and egypt, and turned into a fullblown civil war, leaving more than 250,000. United states usa vs russia and china who would win. The syrian conflict has killed more than 100,000 people and displaced millions, yet most observers warn that the worst is still to come. The civil war is one of the biggest failures of every countrys foreign policy millions of people are continually affected and. What you need to know about the syria conflict in a nutshell.

The armed conflict in syria has accelerated in recent months. After nearly two years of conflict syrian society shows increasing signs of coming apart along traditional sectarian faultlines that, in recent years, have been suppressed under a. This is an essentially important documentation in 2010, wikileaks became a household name by. The syrian war has been a slowly unfolding catastrophe, one that has embroiled several of the worlds major powers. In 2011, syria s people began a revolution against the bashar al assad regime, a family that had been in power for over half a century. Are we in support of the terrorizing rebels or the tyrannical regime. The war in syria explained in five minutes guardian. She talks about why she chose to tell the story of. Hamath and arpad are put to shame, for they have heard bad news. A peaceful uprising against the president of syria almost eight years ago turned into a fullscale civil war. Civil war in syria by adam baczko cambridge university press. This is a list of wars involving the arab republic of syria since independence, including periods of the arab kingdom of syria 1920, mandatory syrian republic, syrian republic 194663, united arab republic 195861 and baathist syria. Saudi arabia has stated that no resolution to the conflict should keep assad as president. Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers.

In 2019, turkey launched a cross border military operation attempting to expel syrian kurdish u. Making sense of the syrian civil war the new york times. The syrian conflict deception part 1 in this together. How to solve the syrian crisis edward dark opinion. Response congressional research service 2 emerged as a persistent challenge for u. The government of bashar alassad responded with force, triggering a civil war that has claimed the lives of over 60.

Both regime and rebels see themselves in a fight for survival that leaves no room for compromise. That same boy scout father would later introduce paul to the movies of trey smith and the god in a nutshell project guest speak and presenter duties have focused on the topics of the gospel of jesus christ in gods appointed spring feasts, mystery babylon, the antichrist, ezekiel 3839, and current events related to bible prophecy. Looking for some good books on the syrian civil war. Books related to syrian civil war score a book s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Russias military launched airstrikes in syria in september, significantly shifting the conflict in a way that some say favors the assad regime. Syrian conflict five years of war in syria pictures.

To make sense of the scene, i often go back to trumpet editor in chief gerald flurrys timeless article how the syrian. A s the trumpets middle east correspondent, i have followed the syrian civil war closer than most for the past eight years. Written as the decadelong syria conflict nears an end, this is the first book length treatment of how the syrian war has changed international law. The syrian civil war is an ongoing multisided civil war in syria fought between the baathist syrian arab republic led by syrian president bashar alassad. Probably one of the best books about syria written on the uprisingturnedcivil war so far. The united states is on the brink of intervention in syria, but the effect of any eventual american action is impossible to predict. War money lost are in millions and innocent lives are lost in thousands. New internationalist presents the facts in this infograph from our september magazine syrias good guys. We have been mislead about the causes of the conflict, duped over its nature, lied to about the combatants, their backers and sources of logistical support. The conflict has left more than 360,000 people dead.

Syrias horrific civil war has been profoundly shaped by the competitive. The best books on the syrian civil war five books expert. All of us, in the west, have been subjected to a concerted disinformation campaign with regard to the syrian conflict. The islamic world in the person of alghazali came to the conclusion. Theoretically we have all chosen a side during this conflict. Wikileaks reveals how the us aggressively pursued regime. Abouzeids book is based on countless visits to various parts of syria as a journalist where she records the evolution of the conflict from its early days as a protest movement through its militarization, weaving in fault lines of displacement. A sporadic scene jumps from pictures of murdered children, women and men. A cheat sheet1 1 causes of the syrian civil war discontent with authoritarianism and assad familys long reign of power in syria since the 1970s syria is 74% sunni, but the assad family is part of a shia sect known as the alawites. This bibliography contains journal articles, book chapters, books, edited volumes. It borders on lebanon and the mediterranean sea in the west, on turkey in the northwest and north, on iraq in the east and south, and on. Top six syria reads syria expert aron lund picks six reads you probably havent come across before on subjects including authoritarian counterinsurgency tactics, the key forces behind conflict before 2011, the divisions likely to make the geneva peace talks fail and life as a gay soldier in assads army. By 2012, this armed struggle had devolved into a fullblown civil war.

I was looking at inside syria by reese elrich, and it seems like a good choice, but i was wondering if anyone has any more personal recommendations. In the syrian conflict s impact on international law, the authors explain the history of the current conflict in syria and discuss the principles and process of customary international law. List of books and articles about syrian history online. Alghazali even said that this greek idea of causality is an illusion. New book focuses on the humanity of syria lost in the war writer alia maleks new book is the home that was our country. The syrian conflicts impact on international law by. On day of rage, small protests against the regime of president bashar alassad. The assad family has held power in syria since 1971. Conflict resolution in syria is long, long overdue. It was on this tour of duty that todd saw the horrific toll the syrian conflict was taking on innocent civilians, particularly, syrian children. Yet, ill admit, i still struggle to comprehend the competing interests of the warring factions, who is involved and why.

Published in 20, this book dives deeply into the syrian revolution and how it transformed into a civil war. Hey rsyriancivilwar, was wondering if you guys have any good, mostly uptodate book recommendations that discuss the civil war. Israel bombs syrian research center god in a nutshell. The crisis in syria is the current humanitarian tragedy that has stolen headlines in the news. But this view has been bolstered by shifting global perceptions towards the syrian conflict, from being a popular rebellion against tyranny to a secular state under siege from the forces of extremism. A literary tour of syria illuminates the dark side of religion and politics that lurks behind the current crisis, as well as the fearlessness of.

Although the conflict has been ongoing for the past few years, it has recently gained new steam in the news after the fall of aleppo. Naturally, people want to know more, but theres so much information its hard to know where to start. Syrian civil war compiled by thomas plofchan march 6, 2011. Joshua landis, director, center for middle east studies, and the author of syria comment blog. Given the systematic distortion of the syrian conflict that we have pointed out here on the transnational many times before, we find it important to highlight the always omitted early role of the united states in fomenting what broke out in violence in early 2011. The syrian civil war is a conflict between its longserving government and those seeking to boot it out of office. Rubenstein is a professor institute for conflict analysis and resolution at george mason university. This is a growing trend in the syrian conflict, with an increasing disregard for the welfare of the people in syria for financial advantage of the ruling family taylor, 2012. Opposition forces contradict the realist tradition by the propulsion of revolutionist ideology, setting goals for the freedom and fulfillment of humans. The syrian regime bashar the civil war in syria has evolved into a series of alliances on the ground with outside powers increasingly drawn into the conflict, backing opposing sides, but also. New book focuses on the humanity of syria lost in the. Syrias descent into armed conflict has been accompanied by another trend equally alarming.

External actors and interests as drivers of conflict. Here is a look at how the war started, why it became so complicated and what. However, assad would not step down, and a civil war began. Hamath was the capital of the northern kingdom of ancient syria. Alqaidas syrian affiliate has been a major player in the conflict since 2012 and has taken a significant amount of territory from government forces in the northwest of the country. Can we stop the bleeding in syria without its becoming another iraq. The best books on syrias tragic civil war, recommended by syria specialist nikolaos van dam.

The moderates say targeting them will drive people towards extremism, because such an air campaign would demonstrate that russia had opened a war on syrian people as opposed to a mutual enemy in isis. Weve been avoiding doing a deep dive on syria because, quite frankly, its hard. This sober and judicious book will become a standard text for those seeking to. We are contemplating going to war in syria to help the opposition a lot and to hurt assad some, or to help the opposition some and hurt assad a lot, or to. In the times of jeremiah, hamath was a city in valley of the orontes river. An end to the syrian war requires an honest accounting by the us of its ongoing, often secretive role in the syrian conflict since 2011, including who is funding, arming, training, and abetting the various sides. External supporters of both sides treat the conflict as a zerosum game with far reaching and. Such exposure would help bring to an end many countries reckless actions. This book is a few years old, so there are recent events missing from the analysis. Adam baczko, ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales, paris, gilles dorronsoro, universite paris 1.

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