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We gave you a brief visual history of virginia woolfs book covers and treated you. How to create book covers that sell study similar book covers. Four book cover designers weigh in on what goes into the design behind the covers of your favorite bestsellers. Jumbo book covers fits most hardcover textbooks up to 9x11, 7 pack, stretchable book sox, durable book protector, washable and reusable, label stickers included 4. With a selection of over 3,000,000 images, allposters has something for every budget and decorating style. Derek murphy of creativindie covers is a brilliant designer and has designed a number of my own book covers. Sometimes authors will buy covers for books they havent written yet. Premade book covers and ebook covers for independent authors on a budget.

How to get your photo on a book cover light stalking. Key elements of a selling book cover prowritingaid. Shop for book covers art from the worlds greatest living artists. Here at lit hub, we unpacked the biggest book cover trend of the year, compared us covers to their uk counterparts, and remembered the best and worst covers of lolita as well as edward goreys own cover designs. Apr 26, 2020 book covers in art nouveau and art deco designs. Great book cover design is more than just an art its also marketing.

If you need help, make sure to download my free guide. Books lists book covers share tweet submit pin from jaya micelis striking design for the art of war to carlos esparzas neon take on homie, the eight book covers below were our favorite of. Created by spanish artist francis cugat for the books initial printing, it pretty much is the book now, visuallyspeaking. I look forward to meeting authors and hopefully creating more illustrations and book covers. Caring about fantastic book cover design is one of those nonnegotiables for all authors. For my book covers, i begin with a size of 3125 x 4167 pixels. Most of my book covers use five or six photos to make a new scene.

Capture your readers attention with a stunning book cover design. Here at lit hub, we unpacked the biggest book cover trend of the. The original is recognizable, but not immediately and not as. The designer of a new bestsellers cover has to pay attention to typography, text.

Its success stems from its haunting, haunted nature, its surrealism, and the way it captures the mood of the book. How to get a book cover that is guaranteed to sell startupbros. But most importantly, you need to have beautiful book covers to hook readers. The dimensional art against the flat, gradient background, the stacked. Here are 23 book covers to inspire you to create the next bestselling. Under canvas entrylevel license, an author can put the cover art on a coffee mug and give the mug away as a promotional item, but cannot sell. What readers want from book covers, the top cover design trends across major genres, how to use book cover creation tools. Regarding the art contest, it sounds like a good idea, but artists. Its affordable and possible to create your own beautiful, bestseller worthy book covers. Books galleries book covers share tweet submit pin we judged books by their covers for this gallery of 2019s best designs so far, and the results are stunning.

Even though weve all been told since childhood to never judge a book by its cover, the fact is that book cover design does attract readers. This is where the cream of the crop go to list their services. Your cover can tip the reader to delve deeper or pass. Thousands of authors visit the book cover designer every month looking for pre made. We pay all of our cover artists a flat rate of 70% per sale. Establish a value for your firstday covers before you make any attempt to sell.

I have a ba in fine art and i am influenced by book covers. Create an online portfolio displaying work appropriate for book covers. Traditionally published authors typically have the cover art for their book designed by the publishing house. People dont buy book covers and then write a book that will work with the cover. Book cover design services by book cover designers fiverr. If youve used paid elements from canvas library you can go ahead with a print run of up to 2000 copies. Sometimes, its more than just a contractual benefit, its an honor to have cover art designed by someone like peter mendelsund, for instance, whose cover designs for the stieg larsson girl with the dragon tattoo series have become iconic. Although this is the size i use, if you were asked to make one smaller or larger, you would simply set your parameters differently at the beginning.

Design book cover for free with online templates adobe spark. The library was inspired by the getty museum art challenge and the amazing response it received weve admired all the creative energy some people have been able to muster while theyre staying at home these days. Design book covers with canvas free book cover maker. Ivan has been the designer of choice for the last two book covers ive had designed. Also take the cover art at book size and stand ten or twenty feet away from it to make sure it is distinguishable. This is the size required by the company that i sell through.

He was always very professional and responsive to my requests. Build a website, if you dont already have one, so that editors and art directors can find you. Your public library is a valuable source of comparative references. You can go to the book cover designer premade book covers and sell your book covers there theyll take a whopping 30% though so you may want to opt for your own website with your own cartthey bring the clients to you so you wont have to do much marketing.

A if you use a photo as a small piece of new artwork. I actually bought twilight due to the neverending quiz. Thousands of authors visit the book cover designer every month looking for premade book covers from romance to horror. The art of war by sun tzu, translated by michael nylan. Here are the top 3 websites where you can make money by selling your book cover art. If youre creating a cover for an ebook, you can share and sell it as many times as you like. Christian art gifts floral bird gray poly canvas bible cover for women deeply rooted in god s love ephesians 3. Selling photos for book covers in photography tags photography, selling photos, stock photography july 9, 2016 291 views tudor i always asked myself how other photographers are selling photos for book covers.

While closed to visitors, the new york public library has challenged people to recreate the cover art from their favorite books with whatever they have at home. My deviant art page and facebook details are below. How to create a bestselling cover written word media. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. An effective book cover is one of your most powerful tools to sell books. One potential bonus for using a site like 99designs. All book covers artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30day moneyback guarantee. I already sell my images on many stock photography agencies. The best royaltyfree stock image sites for your book. Have the cover reduced to one inch in height, about the size it will be on the internet.

Think about the psychological effect of the colors you will use on your cover. If you want something more modern, search or for paintings. From the meticulous illustrations of golden age mysteries to the lurid pulp covers of midcentury america to the neon hallucinations and shadowy evocations of 1970s and 80s. If you discover a designer whose work you love, you can continue working with that designer on future products. Nonfiction covers take the opposite approach from fiction. You might have trouble selling premade covers, but you can definitely use. Save your book cover as a pdf to print it in stunning high resolution. You might have trouble selling premade covers, but you can definitely use them in a portfolio to attract commissions from selfpublishing authors. Earn money selling premade book covers to authors toughnickel. Before they read the description, they see the cover.

Book cover 243 cookbooks recipes 22 selfhelp wellness 15 childrens books 12 horror thriller 9 biographies memoir 7 photographic 34 illustrative 12 typographic 7 service includes. The power of storytelling mixed with the beauty of art. Ivan created a beautiful design that totally captured the mood of my novel. Your book cover sends a message to potential readers. The biggest thing that sets fiver apart from most other sites mentioned in this article is the focus on commissioned work for clientspecific needs. They dont need author names or recommendations from critics, they need a designer or artist to tell them that the book is a lot like the other books that they enjoy. Designing the cover for a book is a process that demands a special kind of creativity and focus. Book cover design design a creative book cover online. Choose your favorite book covers designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more. Regarding the art contest, it sounds like a good idea, but. How to sell photography to book publishers for covers.

I have also created wallpapers and digital character visualizations for two best selling authors websites in the last year. All you have to do is upload your covers and we take care of the rest. The best tools, tricks, and tutorials to create your book cover art yourself. There are two reasons, given this description, why the standard use license may be enough for book cover design. Your cover is the first introduction to your book and the fulcrum that swings readers to discover more about your book. If at that size the artwork cannot be easily distinguished, the artwork is too complicated. The new york public library challenges people to recreate. See more ideas about book cover art, cover art, book cover.

When i launch polls of friends and readers, his proposals universally draw high marks the gorgons blood solution. During my research i found people selling line art drawings, book covers, paintings, digital art for video games, and custom photographs. You can create your own website, and sell your premade book covers there. An eyecatching design can make the difference between a book that sells and one that stalls, so dont let your future bestseller get passed over due to a soso cover design. The title and subtitle should be compelling and specific, full of promises and filled with keywords. Design by jaya miceli, photograph by andrey kuzmin and art direction by ingsu liu. Thousands of authors visit the book cover designer every month looking for premade. Time to sell it with a beautiful book cover design. Unless youre stephen king, your name should appear at the bottom. The book cover is your primary book marketing tool. Kids seem more prone to choose a book based on the cover art and then to read others that have a similar illustration style to something that they liked.

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